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About PHANTOM Healthcare

Our Group had started the operations in year 2011 and has become the leading remarketers, refurbishers and re-assemblers of Pre-owned Super Conductive MRIs and CT Scanners in India.Phantom Healthcare strives to provide professional support with quality services that are custom fit to the needs of today's growing healthcare industry.We aim to develop long-term relationships with our clients and do our best possible to keep Imaging equipment up-to-date and working like new. At Phantom Healt… Read more

How MRI Works

See some infotainment videos about MRI scan and different aspects related to MRI.

Dr. Vikas Jain (Director, Advanced Imaging MRI)

"We thank Phantom Healthcare Pvt. Limited, the only third party vendor dealing in complete turnkey MR project at a very affordable cost. They are very professional and competitive in approach. Their approach is to make this imaging modality accessible and affordable to the investors and owners of diagnostic centers. This makes the quality imaging of MR affordable and accessible to poor and masses."

Dr.Devender Singh Yadav (Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre)

“We thank Phantom Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. for providing us 1.5 T MRI machine at a very affordable cost. Phantom Healthcare is the third party vendor that provides complete turnkey MRI project with skilled team of engineers, best after sale support and good inventory.”

Dr. Dhirendra Gyan (Dr. Pannalal Hospital & Research Centre (P) Ltd.)

"We at Dr.Pannalal Hospital & Research Centre (P) Ltd. thank Phantom Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. for providing us a real good MRI imaging machine as a full turnkey MR project t a very affordable price and complete peace of mind. They are highly professional in their very neat and tidy work. They have a good inventory of spares and good number of skilled engineers ready for job at a very short notice. I think Phantom is the only third party vendor to provide MR equipments of so many models at a very affordable price in India. I wish them good luck and all success. "

Dr. Himanshu Agarwal (Resonance Diagnostic Centre and Pathology)

“Phantom Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is the only third party vendor dealing in complete turnkey GE MRI project, providing us a good MRI machine well within our budget. Phantom HeaIthcare has a skilled team of engineers and good inventory”

Dr Deepak Patkar (H.O.D Imaging ,Nanavati SuperSpeciality Hospital)

"For 1.5T MRI, we trust only Phantom Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. based in New Delhi. Phantom Healthcare has always provided best quality equipment at competitive prices. They have given us prompt and effective post purchase services and upgradations. Their engineers are technically qualified & installation quality is always superior."

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